The rules and regulations are subject to additions and alterations by the Management of this institute, as may be required from time to time.
  1. Each trainee should attend his / her class in proper time.
  1. If any trainee fails to attend in the prescribed time for whatever reasons, his / her presence will not be considerate.
  1. Classes are held in different shifts from Monday to Friday depending on the routine and time table prepared and notified from time to time by the institute.
  1. The progress card will be served by the institute to each ITI trainee free of cost for continuation of records of marks obtained from Months Trade Tests and attendance.
  1. Sessional marks will be obtained by the trainees on the basis of their progress card, daily works including external tours (educational excursion).
  1. Daily diary will be served by the institute to each ITI trainee free of cost and it should be maintained by the trainees regularly according to the direction of the Trade Instructor, where Trade Theory and Practical classes will be noted.
  1. Practical work book should be made by each trainee for daily practical works during the period of his / her training, as per direction of his / her Trade Instructor.
  1. All the tools and equipment should be used carefully otherwise damage charges will be taken from the associated trainee(s) as per norms.
  1. Educational Tour will be held on at the final stage of the course & it will be carried at any suitable hilly area for a period of maximum 10 days. Each trainee should attend that educational tour for the betterment if his / her practical knowledge. All the allowances in respect of this tour will be carried out by each trainee individually to cover that tour.
  1. Trainee of one year course have to appear in All India Trade Test (AITT) for 2 times and a trainees of two years course have to appear in All India Trade Test (AITT) for 4 times in an interval of 6 months positively. AITTs shall be held at any Government / Private ITI of West Bengal.
  1. Absence from any AITT without sufficient reason (reasons beyond his / her control) will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline.
  1. The minimum compulsory attendance for trainees in regard to their eligibility for the AITTs have been fixed 80% of the actual number of working days. If the trainees satisfy that percentage in both theoretical & practical classes, they will be considered eligible to sit for the AITTs as regular trainees.
  1. If a trainee remains absent without notice for more than one month, his / her name will be struck off from the roll.
  1. Trainee’s identity cards will be served from the institute.
  1. Trainees have to wear clean and tidy uniform. Without uniform he / she will not allow to enter the class.
  1. Trainees should keep their trade syllabus during his / her training period. For downloading their trade syllabus they have to visit the official website of this institute or DGT, Govt. of India.
  1. A trainee shall be guilty of breach of discipline, if he / she breaks any of the foregoing rules or otherwise guilty of misconduct or indecorous behaviour.
  1. For a breach of discipline within or outside the institute premises, the principal / vice-principal of the institute may - i) Impose a fine on a trainee; ii) Suspend the student for one month or less; iii) Expel him from the institute for such period as he thinks fit.
  1. If all fees are not paid course fees payment terms then hall ticket not be generate from MIS Portal of NCVT to appear in AITT.
  1. Fees once paid is not refundable. A student must clear all dues (fees etc.) before submission of final examination form.


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